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Peachjar needed a family friendly web app to connect parents with the latest updates and opportunities from their children's schools and districts. It was important to Peachjar that we conform with government accessibility requirements and enable customization at the individual school and district levels while also maintaining backward compatibility with their legacy products. With over 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices, the app had to be designed and developed for the mobile experience first.


We created a responsive React application focused on the mobile experience and continuously ran iterations through accessibility test suites to ensure both a pleasant assisted user experience and compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. We used a unified design with Peachjar's existing email designs to create a seamless experience for parents.


Peachjar's new parent application integrated seamlessly into their legacy products and created a unified feel across their brand. Peachjar's commitment to accessibility improved districts' confidence in Peachjar's solution and became a major talking point in their sales deck. The new parent application now represents ~90% of traffic to Peachjar's sites.

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